What’s in a name?

“Soon” this blog will be moving to a new server. The hosting itself is all lined up, but now I need a domain name. (OK, technically I don’t need one, but it’d be very nice to have.)

I have lots of ideas for good domain names. Alas, most of them are already taken. Here’s what I’ve considered (and, as appropriate, reasons they’ve been rejected). If you’ve got any other suggestions, post them!

Already taken. No surprise there.
Available, but let’s be honest, why not get a domain name that people can actually spell? Say….
Already taken.
Available, but unspellable.com is a generic squatter site. Not exactly someone I want to be namespace neighbors with.
Or, “k, nine letters, z” (see also: i18n, l10n, m17n, a11y, etc.). Taken, surprisingly. That’s probably for the best, though — k9z.org sounds like a site about dogs written by someone who considers -z an acceptable suffix for making a noun plural.
Statistically speaking, this is how my last name is most commonly pronounced. Alas, this domain name is also taken.
Available, but a bit longer than I’d like.
Also available, and this one might actually be acceptable.
As much as I’d like to make anyone who visits my website lose The Game, it’s already taken by a squatter.

And… nothing else springs to mind at the moment. I’m open to suggestions; otherwise, I’ll probably end up going with captderiv.org.