what is delicious

You know how for some accounts you set up online, they want you to choose a question they’ll ask you to verify your identity in case you forget your password?

Well, right now I’m looking at one such form that gives me about two dozen choices for questions, and some of them are quality. They’re not quite at the level of “what is delicious“, but still, take a gander at these:

  • “What room do you want to decorate?” I can just see someone asking themselves, “what room did I want to decorate in my old apartment five years seven months and fourteen days ago?”
  • “What is the color of your favorite flower?” Because, you know, asking for your favorite flower would be too easy for someone else to figure out, but the extra level of indirection will stop them in their tracks.
  • “What is your favorite day of the week?” Nothing says security like a 14% chance of guessing correctly. And that’s assuming people’s favorites are evenly distributed. I’m sure just as many people like Monday as like Friday, right?
  • “What is your favorite past time?” Not to be confused with your favorite pastime, of course. How can I be sure that it isn’t just a typo? Because there’s also…
  • “What is your favorite hobby?”
  • “What is a type of food you enjoy?” Not your favorite, mind you, just one you like. Why narrow it down? It’s not like you’ll have to remember your precise choice in the future. Oh, wait.

3 Responses

  1. I’ve been burned by questions like these too. Like, “What is your favorite movie?” Even if I do remember what my favorite movie back then was, how do I remember such minutiae as whether I put on the preceding ‘The’ or whatever?

    I prefer indelible facts, like “What street did you grow up on?” and the like.

  2. I am notoriously bad at these questions. I usually stick with “Mother’s maiden name” (it’s Johnson for all you hackers out there) or “Name of first pet”.
    Oh, and just for the record, my favorite past time is the neolithic period. They had polished stone instruments!

  3. fluffy: I have enough trouble answering “What is your favorite X”-type questions ordinarily. I doubt I’d be consistent in my answers from day to day, let alone month to month or year to year.

    Renee: The funny thing is, if I ever get to choose my own question, I come up with far more bizarre things than “what is delicious”. I have yet to see if I can figure out what I was thinking when coming up with them.

    Also, the Mesozoic totally beats the Neolithic.

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