Video! Video! Video!

Remember that big Ship of Fools / Andy Ober Orchestra show back in March?

Well, a video of that improv show is now available! Now you can relive your favorite moments, or experience them for the first time if you missed it live, or print each frame on a separate piece of paper and make a giant flip book out of it, if deforestation’s your thing.

Helpful Google Video tip: a higher-quality version can be obtained by clicking the “Download” link to the right of the video. The version of the video displayed on that page is at a much lower resolution to save bandwidth.

If you’re wondering where the second half of the evening is, the one with Andy Ober Orchestra, well, the recording of that didn’t come out so well. The image is fine, but a lot of the lyrics are awfully hard to hear. If there’s enough call for it I can upload that video too, but a lot of that AOO magic is sadly lost.

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Quote of the Week #96

We must never forget that the Rule of Law is not a conservative or a liberal value. It is assuredly not a Republican or Democratic value. Rather, it is an American value. Confidence in the Rule of Law rests entirely at any given point in time on the character and the integrity of the individual American judge and on that judge’s absolute commitment to fairness and impartiality.

Judge John E. Jones III

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