Quote of the Week #92

I mean, the computer industry promises nothing. Did you ever read a shrink-wrapped license agreement? You should read one. It basically says, if this product deliberately kills your children, and we knew it would, and we decided not to tell you because it might harm sales, we’re not liable. I mean, it says stuff like that. They’re absurd documents. You have no rights.

Bruce Schneier

2 Responses

  1. My favorite is a clause from the Microsoft Windows’ EULA that has been around for ages – it specifically clears Microsoft of any fault if you should use Windows to operate a nuclear reactor.

  2. My personal favorites are the clause (can’t remember which product) which says the company has the right to inspect your computer at their discretion for any license violations, and the shrinkwrap EULAs that say opening the package indicates acceptance of the agreement, when the EULA itself is only accessible once the package is opened.

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