Without Parallel

By all rights, today should’ve been my last day of class… ever. All my classes (ignoring the CERIAS Security Seminar, which doesn’t count) are Tuesday/Thursday, and this is the last week of class of the last semester of my college career.

Except it isn’t, technically. There’s a bonus session of CS 690C scheduled for Friday morning for those of us who haven’t had a chance to do our final project presentations yet to, well, do our final project presentations.

Which is a shame, because my last regulation time class ever would’ve made a better last class ever.

Today was the last day of project presentations in CS 525 (Parallel Computing) and, as luck would have it, I was scheduled for the final slot. (Lucky indeed, as I changed my project topic about two weeks ago.) I talked about BOINC, and you can find the slides here.

So I’m giving the presentation, and it’s going pretty well. Then someone’s cell phone rings. I keep going. The professor answers his phone. I keep going. He talks into it. While I’m giving the presentation. I can’t make out what he’s saying, since he’s trying to be quiet, but he’s still talking on his cell phone while I’m presenting.

OK, so The Show Must Go On, right? I keep going. A couple minutes later, a pizza delivery girl walks into the room. I’m a bit taken aback by this, and I ask, “Did someone order pizza?” I figure she just walked into the wrong room, and I’m kind of trying to play it off. But no. The professor had ordered pizza. I say, “I guess I’ll keep going,” and continue the presentation.

As it turns out, it’s the professor’s last class as Purdue as well, and he ordered pizza for everyone to celebrate. So hey, free pizza. He also hands out the teacher evaluations for the class, and announces he doesn’t care what we put down on them, since he’s leaving anyway.

So here’s what I write on the comments section on the back (which, let’s be honest, no one actually reads anyway):

I guess it doesn’t matter what I write here, since you’re leaving after this semester, and I am too.

I just lost the game.

I can only hope he takes The Game back to Greece with him.

And after that, the pizza delivery girl comes back in. Apparently, when she had first come into the room, somehow she had whacked her ring on the door, and the diamond in it popped out. So we looked for a while on the floor for it, but I don’t think anyone found it.

So yeah, that would’ve been my last class at Purdue ever and would’ve made at least a moderately amusing story, if not for the overtime session tomorrow morning, which [as of this writing] I still need to finish up the paper for.

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  1. Nice. Reminds me of a prof I had once who spent the 10 minutes of my final presentation (worth 30% of my grade in her class) obliviously drawing with her red ink pen. When I asked her a question, there was a long pause in which no one said anything, and then finally she broke the silence with “Did you say something? I wasn’t listening.”

    So what’s and where’s next for the Paul after graduation?

  2. Well, Klaus, it’s not like you ever completely blew off a final presentation yourself, right?

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