Stupid Hyperliteralist Wish Fulfillment

I have three projects that will be due soon:

  • CS 525: Paper and presentation on BOINC. Current status: research done, need to write paper and create presentation. Due: next week.
  • CS 626: Final paper covering 12+ topics of interest for securing an IT enterprise. Current status: 1/12 at first draft, 5/12 at research collected, 6/12 not started. Due: two weeks.
  • CS 690C: Implement physical network mapping protocol. Current status: functionally complete, needs more testing and polish for demo. Due: next week.

On top of that, there’s a show at Hillenbrand Thursday night, and then Friday afternoon we go on a road trip to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to perform there Saturday night. And that’s not counting miscellaneous and sundry other things (finally putting an image gallery on the Ship of Fools website, documenting how said website works for the webmasters for next year, working on the next Music Applet release, etc.).

So yeah, there’s some pressure here. We’re not at “I’m screwed” pressure, but we’re above “nothing like doing things for getting things done.” My to-do list can’t decide whether or not it needs a vertical scrollbar. (Needing a vertical scrollbar is my metric for deciding, “seriously, start doing some of this stuff.”)

In my situation, one might be prone to thinking, “Man, I wish I weren’t under so much pressure.”

Accordingly, this evening we lost water pressure. Not really what I was going for.

(Yes, it’s back now. No idea yet what happened.)

They say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” They don’t say what to do when life stops giving you lemons for a while, and then gives you stank water.