Finite Simple Group (of order two)

This song almost gives Pi Pi Pi a run for its money as “greatest song about mathematics ever.”


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  1. I think I got only about half of the jokes in FSG. Still, pretty good!

  2. As devoted as I have become to the AOO, I have to say that I LOVE that song. That’s just too good!

  3. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  4. I get every joke except for the one about forgetful functors, I know of the, but I don’t know exactly what they are.

    Considering that Andy is going up against 5 math graduate students from northwestern, pound for intellectual pound Pi Pi PI kicks the chalk out of their hands.

    Needless to say, FSG is the best à cappella math song ever.

    I wonder if this will work…

    if (crazyNum

  5. Apparently it didn’t, oh well, I misspelled math anyway, which means I should be beaten severely… seriously beat me severely the next time you see me.

  6. Did someone forget to escape an HTML entity?

  7. Oh noes! Paul said somebody’s HTML has escaped!

  8. Don’t worry, policy are currently working to &rehend the culprit.

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