Music Applet 0.9.1 Released

Music Applet 0.9.1 is out. The applet now supports XMMS2 in addition to Rhythmbox and Banshee. The right-click menu has been cleaned up, and there’s now translations for Norwegian and Portuguese.

For those of you hoping Muine support would make an appearance, that’s been pushed back to 0.9.2. There’s also a whole bunch of other things I have planned for future releases, so stay tuned.

Metastasizing in Your Funny Bone

Four in the morning. It’s when sane people are asleep. But other people are crazy — crazy about fighting cancer, that is. Purdue’s Relay for Life was held last weekend to raise money for the American Cancer Society (which, despite its name, is actually against cancer).

You see, Relay for Life is an annual 24-hour event where participating groups of people walk around a track. Naturally, this gets a little boring after a while, so there’s various and sundry things to do when you yourself aren’t walking in circles.

That’s where we come in, where by “we”, I mean “the Ship of Fools“. We were slated to take the stage at 4 am to entertain the tired and sleepy participants.

Of course, before you can perform at 4 am, you have to stay awake until 4 am. Ryan secured us a study room in Hillenbrand where we could spend the pre-show night keeping each other awake. It was at this time that the rest of the group was introduced to 1000 Blank White Cards.

The way the game works is simple: you literally draw the cards you use during the game during the game. Each card has a title, a graphic, and an effect. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

One of the great things about playing 1000 Blank White Cards in a dorky, creative group like ours is that most of the cards you wind up with are awesome. It’s especially great when someone is dorky enough (John, a.k.a. Freshman, a.k.a. Tripod) to appreciate cards you draw like “Doctor Who‘s On First” or “R2-D2 v. The Daleks” (or, presumably, had we not had to adjourn before getting through the entire deck, “Babel On (Line) 5“). Which isn’t to disparage my “Stephen Colbert Gives You a Truth Enema” (tell everyone what your score is, but don’t look at the score card, because that’s facts, not truth), though sadly “Tiktaalik Attacks!” had no effect (all players originally from coastal states lose points). Stupid midwest.

Anyway, the show. Now, let me preface this by saying that this week we’ve been having some very nice weather. Last weekend, however, was freezing cold. We skipped straight from winter coat weather to T-shirt and shorts weather. Stupid midwest.

So year, middle of the night, freezing weather, performing outside. But despite that and some scheduling snafus, The Show Must Go On (TM), and we took the slippery, frost-covered stage as scheduled.

Despite those conditions and everything, the show actually went quite well. We even managed to keep ourselves down to only one off-the-cuff cancer joke (Ashley [to audience]: “GIve me something you do once a year.” Ryan: “Fight cancer!”). Overall, it was worth the shivering and demihypothermia.