Call for Artwork

As you may have noticed, Music Applet currently doesn’t have an icon. I don’t have the artistic skills necessary to make a good-looking icon for the applet, but you might.

If you’d like to contribute an icon for Music Applet, please e-mail it to me. I’ll choose the best one and add it to a future release of the applet.

Thanks in advance!

(ObLegal: Of course, the icon must be your own creation and it must be offered under the GPL or a compatible license.)

2 Responses

  1. Is there a deadline for this? Any guidelines for size, scalability, format, etc? Where will the icon be used?

  2. All I need is an icon to represent the Music Applet application. It will appear in the GNOME applet list and the applet’s About box. No set deadline.

    The GNOME HIG section on icons calls this an “application icon”, and suggests a 48×48 size and a few general characteristics for how it should look. The format should be SVG (preferred) or PNG.

    There’s also a creating GNOME icons tutorial that might be helpful.

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