Ship of Fools v. Haman

Oh yeah, the Ship of Fools had another show about two weeks ago that I don’t think anyone’s blogged about yet.

March 5 was Hillel‘s annual Purim Carnival. Of course, everyone knows Purim fell on March 14, but Hillel celebrated it earlier to avoid the conflict with Pi Day. (Avoiding the week of Spring Break was secondary, I’m sure.)

In the fine American tradition of thinking that all Jewish holy days correspond directly to Christian holy days (for example, Hanukkah == Jewish Christmas, Chanukah == Jewish Christmas Eve, Hanukah == Jewish Boxing Day, and that’s all the Jewish holy days the average American knows), Purim is sort of like the Jewish equivalent of Mardi Gras. But instead of getting your sin on before Lent, Purim celebrates Haman’s failure to exterminate the Jews (see also: Book of Esther).

Anyway, Hillel invited the Fools to perform as part of their Purim festivities. Little did we know that the main demographic of our audience was going to be little kids and their parents (with a few of our die-hard fans sitting in front of the kids for good measure). Nevertheless, the show went very well. The kids turned out to be a gold mine of great suggestions, my favorite being Ryan “I give gloriously elaborate suggestions” Garwood getting the suggestion “computer technician from Cleveland” from one of the kids.

There was also the inherent humor in having two of the littlest kids participate in Moving People with Andy and I (the two largest performers that afternoon), a game in which the performers’ movements are entirely controlled by the audience volunteers. Fun fact: kids don’t care about your center of gravity.

We also performed traditional Jewish improv games like Irish Jewish Drinking Song and Do Jew Run. What makes those games different from their gentile counterparts? In the Jewish versions, you go from right to left.

Also, many hamantaschen were consumed.