Back from the SELinux Symposium

In case you couldn’t tell from the last post, I’m back from this year’s SELinux Symposium.

The talk I gave went very well. My approach towards improving the policy language seems to have struck a chord with quite a few people there; whereas most other efforts at policy languages are geared either towards policies for individual applications or only provide a subset of SELinux’s power, SENG aims at being suitable for anything without sacrificing power. If the existing policy language is like assembly, SENG is like C whereas other efforts are sort of like Python.

People from Tresys, MITRE, and elsewhere were interested in what I’ve been doing. The downside to that is now I need to get moving making things available for people to look at and play with.

My paper is published in the Proceedings of the Second Annual Security Enhanced Linux Symposium, pages 49 through 53.

Copious notes on the seven sessions I attended (having had to skip the eighth in order to catch my flight back) will be forthcoming. But for now, here’s a grab-bag of random stuff.

The hotel charges guests $10/day for Internet access. The conference organizers tried to negotiate access for the attendees, but the hotel wanted $2000/day for that. At lunch some of us plotted next time for someone to pay for a connection and secretly hook up an access point for everyone else to use.

The PGP/GPG key fingerprint I carry around in my wallet finally got used, when somefrom from the Air Force Research Lab and I traded signatures. He then proceeded to spin a copy of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, 2nd Ed. on one finger above his laptop. When I said that might not be a good idea, he then spun his laptop on one finger.

The desktop background on the computer the MITRE guys used to demo the latest generation of their policy generation tool? Touched By His Noodly Appendage

Stephen Smalley, despite what you’d expect, looks nothing like your stereotypical fat bearded UNIX geek.

… There’s loads more, but that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.

SENG Presentation Slides

The slides from my presentation at the SELinux Symposium are up.

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