Baltimore: Now with 23% More Balti

Later today I’ll be heading off to the SELinux Symposium in Baltimore to give a talk. I’ll put up the paper and slides (which are 95% done right now) sometime after I get back.

If you’re lucky, there might even be a post about the goings-on during the conference. Except the last session, which I’ll have to duck out on so I can actually catch my flight back, thanks to the last usable flight out leaving in the early evening.

Fun fact: despite its name and the fact that I have a connecting flight back there, Midway is not actually midway between Baltimore and Indianapolis. Heck, it’d be faster to fly to Midway and drive back to Lafayette than it will be to fly from Midway to Indianapolis and drive back to Lafayette. Except for the fact that my car would be at the Indianapolis airport. D’oh!

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