A Word of Advice

If you’re offended by a couple of Danish cartoons that imply that Islam is a religion of violence, calling for the massacre and extermination of the artists may not be the most effective response.

I’m just saying.

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  1. Man, those people would never last here in America. I mean, every day I open the Exponent and see political cartoons making fun of our own government. I can’t remember the last paper without some slander towards Bush, Rumsfeld, the cabinet, the Bush Administration, the White House, America, Condozeeza Rice, Harriet and her nomination, the War in Iraq, Bush’s intelligence, the response to Katrina, Bush’s pronunciation, President Bush, Bush’s family, the state of our economy…

  2. And just think, those pictures I linked to (more here) were taken in Western Europe. In the Middle East they’re torching embassies.

    This is why we have the First Amendment. Too bad our State Department didn’t get that memo.

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