Quote of the Week #77

In a world of gigabit Ethernet and ubiquitous wireless networking it is a sad indictment of the networking community that the preferred communication medium for most computer users is still the floppy disk.

Stuart Chesire & Marc Krochmal

2 Responses

  1. I’d agree — except I haven’t seen anyone use a floppy in years (other than a boot disk), s/floppy disk/USB drive/g. Even my mom uses a USB drive instead of a floppy

  2. Floppies are (thankfully) pretty rare these days, but the point is valid regardless of what kind of removable media you’re using. Heck, I’m hardly a novice at this stuff, and I still get frustrated when I try to copy a file between my laptop and my parents’ computer when I’m home. And if it takes me half an hour to get it working, what hope does someone who isn’t one semester shy of a masters’ in CS have?

    The idea I’m working on for a 690C project is aimed at solving this problem for non-trivial networks (i.e., a LAN other than a few computers plugged into an off-the-shelf NAT router), probably involving a combination of mDNS, DNS-SD, and UPnP tied together in a simple interface.

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