Catching Up

I’m finally almost sort of ready for the semester to begin. Too bad it technically began last week, but I was in DC for most of it and, as a result, missed all my classes.

So, I’m starting out a week behind already. Yippee.

Nevertheless, things aren’t looking too bad right now. Yesterday I sent in the final version of the paper I’ll be presenting at the SELinux Symposium in March, so I’ve no longer got that hanging over my head.

Today I actually had enough time to mostly relax and screw around with stuff, for a change. (I guess there are some advantages to being so out of the loop with your classes that you don’t even know what you need to make up.) A combination of reading and picking up Python took up most of my waking hours today. This go at the latter seems to be more successful than my last attempt, largely thanks to finding a really good tutorial that shows off a lot of the language’s neat features.

This semster is also already shaping up to look like a rather busy one for improv, the callout for which is this Friday, by the way.

I fully expect to feel way more stressed this time tomorrow, once I become aware of all the work I need to make up. Whee.

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