Hey, See: DC

Monday morning I’m off to DC for another action-packed SFS Symposium. The main component of the symposium is the job fair, which renders the whole affair rather pointless for me, as only some paperwork currently stands between me and the opening waiting for me after graduation. But since I don’t have a guaranteed, in-writing start date, that’s not good enough, apparently.

So. Last time at one of these in DC, I at least got to duck out on the last day and see some of the sights. But what to do this time?

For those of you who may someday find yourselves in my shoes, I put together the following list of

Things to do to kill time in Washington, DC

  • Toss lit match into Potomac, watch ensuing bonfire.
  • Circumnavigate the Beltway on foot during rush hour, laughing at every car you pass.
  • Complain about lack of stores in the National Mall.
  • Impersonate a Congressman and take bribes from Jack Abramoff.
  • Impersonate a charity and collect donations from Congressmen who took bribes from Jack Abramoff. As we all know, donating ill-gotten money to charity legally absolves you of wrongdoing.
  • Sneak onto Senate floor, slip resume in middle of appropriations bill. Laugh when your resume becomes 15 USC 452.
    • Decry “judicial activism” when Supreme Court decides 6-3 that 15 USC 452(a)(ii), “Employment History”, violates Due Process clause of Fourteenth Amendment and is thus unconstitutional.
  • Enter White House, search for Lincoln’s gold.

2 Responses

  1. My undergrad was right outside the city, so I spent a fair amount of time in DC.

    I can’t say enough good things about the spy museum. It’s like 11$.. but worth every penny of it; F and something… I forget. I like architecture, so the Building Museum (Judiciary Square) is something I always enjoyed.

    Georgetown is a neat place to walk around (Foggy Bottom metro stop + a 15 minute walk.. very safe area.. albeit a little yuppie). In terms of non-touristy things, Ben’s Chili Bowl near U St is a local landmark. Eastern market is cool if you’re there on a weekend, but definitely not a place to be after dark. If you like beer, Brickskeller (Dupont) has several thousand bottles of beer from around the world.


  2. As it turns out, this time around the symposium’s organized to have information sessions in parallel with the job fair, several of which look to be actually useful, so I most likely won’t be skipping out during the day. Which, unfortunately, means little time for sightseeing, but at least I know I’ll be getting something out of this trip.

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