Paper Progresses

The final version of the paper I’m presenting on March 2 at 11:00 in this year’s SELinux Symposium is finally starting to get into decent shape. Pretty much everything in it has been rewritten at least twice from the version originally submitted, which is expected when a month’s worth of additional work intervenes. Right now it’s an order of magnitude better than the original version.

Now the main difficulty is whittling the paper down to the scant five pages that is the maxiumum length, which is very short for this sort of thing. Right now my draft is five pages plus a figure that LaTeX can’t seem to find a place for. It’s now a delicate balancing act between description of how things work and examples of how they look and how they’re used, while leaving room for things like motivation for the project and comparing it to related work in the area.

One nifty thing, looking back now on the reviewers’ comments, is that just about every concern they brought up was either identified by my work on it this past semester or taken care of while rewriting and revising the paper. I’ll chalk that up to “great minds think alike.”

Ten days left to get it done. Good thing I had all that “free time” over break to tear into it.

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