Trackbacks = Deleted

I’ve disabled pingbacks and trackbacks on this blog indefinitely. You can thank the spammer currently hammering this site. The comment spam was getting blocked by WordPress’s filters, but those don’t seem to apply to trackbacks.

No big loss, since in all the time I’ve been running this blog I’ve never seen a legitimate use of a trackback or pingback. In retrospect, it’s a bit surprising I haven’t witnessed this kind of attack already.

Here’s hoping I don’t wake up to find 100 spam comments sitting in the moderation queue.

3 Responses

  1. Fun fact: disabling trackpacks and pingbacks in the WordPress admin panel only applies to new posts, not existing ones. Thank Codd for SQL:

    UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status = ‘closed’;

    (not to be confused with “UPDATE bodies SET status = ‘DEAD’“)

  2. Also, for anyone wondering what this kind of attack looks like, it’s a distributed attack from a large number of zombies. (Alas, none of the anti-zombie strategies I’ve been studying lately apply here.) It’s obvious it’s all part of a single coordinated attack because it’s all happening in the same time frame and the content of the spams are all similar.

    Anyway, the proverbial hatches should now be battened down sufficiently well to prevent any of the garbage from showing up on the site.

  3. It looks like the attack may have stopped once I disabled trackbacks on all posts. Cause or coincidence? You be the judge!

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