Nature Abhors Free Time

Today I finished the report for my Security project, which was an analysis of the work I did last semester in Access Controls, wherein I designed an alternative language for specifying SELinux policies. Very briefly (since I don’t feel like rehashing the 15-page writeup), SENG (my poorly-named language) augments the existing policy language with higher-level features, in order to eliminate the need to use macros when writing a policy, which in turn will make doing analysis of a policy earlier.

So with that out of the way, which largely finishes off the project (modulo a few small odds and ends), I figure I’ll have some free time coming up, right?

Then I get this in the mail:

We are please to inform you that your paper: 7, SENG: An Enhanced Policy Language for SELinux has been accepted for the program of the 2006 SELinux Symposium.

You will have 30 minutes to present your paper which includes 5-7 minutes for questions. Your paper will be scheduled for March 1 or 2; the exact day and time is to be determined. One author per paper (i.e., the presenting author) will be given a complementarity registration to the SELinux Symposium.

OK, that 7 isn’t actually part of the title, but rather indicating that I was the seventh submission. Maybe that’s why they extended the deadline the day after I submitted the proposal to the CFP back in September.

The funny thing is, my work this semester points out numerous flaws in the language, and although it outlines what needs to be done to rectify them, it’s a fair amount of work and still some thorny issues to tackle.

Your final paper is due no later than Janurary 16, 2006.

So I guess we’ll see if I can get a fair amount of work done in a month and a half to whip this into something respectable.

At least I won’t have to worry anymore about what to do with all the free time I was going to have once the semester ends, I guess.

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  1. I hear the heretofore loop can help eliminate some of that work.

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