Nature Abhors Free Time

Today I finished the report for my Security project, which was an analysis of the work I did last semester in Access Controls, wherein I designed an alternative language for specifying SELinux policies. Very briefly (since I don’t feel like rehashing the 15-page writeup), SENG (my poorly-named language) augments the existing policy language with higher-level features, in order to eliminate the need to use macros when writing a policy, which in turn will make doing analysis of a policy earlier.

So with that out of the way, which largely finishes off the project (modulo a few small odds and ends), I figure I’ll have some free time coming up, right?

Then I get this in the mail:

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Quote of the Week #68

The police and the military have fundamentally different missions. The police protect citizens. The military attacks the enemy. When you start giving police powers to the military, citizens start looking like the enemy.

Bruce Schneier

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Question: is “copy-and-paste” considered to be a single verb, or two verbs joined by a conjunction?

More to the point, is the gerund form “copy-and-pasting” or “copying-and-pasting”?

The former sounds less awkward but looks less grammatically correct. Plus, the Wikipedia article on the copy-and-paste programming anti-pattern uses it. So I guess I’ll use that form in the report I’m writing that’s due tomorrow.

OK, that’s enough stalling. Back to work.

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