Common Sense Returns to Dover

The Panda’s Thumb reports that in yesterday’s election, all eight incumbent Dover Area School Board members have been voted out of office. The eight incoming members ran on the Dover CARES ticket, which among other things advocates taking intelligent design back out of the science curriculum.

So while Kansas is returning science education to the Dark Ages, at least common sense seems to be prevailing in Dover, Pennsylvania.

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  1. The scary part is the narrow margin by which the incumbents were defeated. It ranged from as little as few as 26 or as many as 285 votes. I expect a repeat of this whole affair like Kansas. Common sense is only a temporary guest in Dover.

  2. True, but the numbers aren’t as bad as they may seem at first. Dover is in a generally conservative area, and in many of the other races there the Republican candidate won by a comfortable margin. The Dover CARES candidates ran as Democrats (though a few are in fact Republicans) and all of them won. Furthermore, voter turnout in the Dover area was significantly higher than elsewhere in the state. While the margin of victory may be small, it does indicate that the voters support strong science standards in the classroom. (source)

    Of course, the fight is far from over; for example, the Kansas State Board of Education just approved “science” standards that attack evolution. We need to keep fighting, but now we can be sure that our efforts can make a difference.

  3. I would like to point out Kansas 2001. Now how long did that last?

    I really believe the vast majority of people are simply ignoring the arguments and politicizing the issue. And given the polls, that can only lead to WWI trench warfare.

  4. Seeing as how the Discovery Institute’s goal is to politicize the issue with the rallying cry “Teach the Controversy,” that’s hardly surprising.

    Ultimately, we need to better instill an understanding of what science is and how science works in the general public. The scientific community hasn’t been doing a good job engaging the public, and we’re seeing the ramifications of that now. It unfortunately won’t be a quick nor an easy fight, but it is a necessary one.

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