Attacking SHA

Monday is my turn to give a presentation at the security reading group, which meets Mondays at 3 pm in the CERIAS conference room (aka REC 217). My topic is attacks on the hash functions SHA-0 and SHA-1; I will be walking through some of the recent work looking for ways to find collisions.

Why that particular topic? I was curious how those attacks worked myself, and this seemed as good a way as any to force myself to read the relevant papers.

Since there’s almost always empty seats available at the reading group’s meetings, if you’re on campus and want to attend the presentation, you’re more than welcome to show up. I’ll post the presentation slides here afterwards.

The announcement sent out to the reading group’s mailing list follows.

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Quote of the Week #65

This trial has established that [teaching] Intelligent Design [in public school] is unconstitutional because it is an inherently religious proposition, a modern form of creationism. It is not just the product of religious people, it does not just have religious implications, it is in its essence religious. Its essential religious nature does not change whether it is called “Creation Science” or “Intelligent Design” or “Sudden Emergence Theory.” The shell game has to stop.

Eric Rothschild, in closing arguments in Kitzmiller v. DASD

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