Just for the record

In case that last post didn’t confer the idea that I’m a dork, this weekend I will be playing D&D.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

That is all.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

Recently (i.e., two weeks ago), it has come to my attention that [adult swim] has started airing Neon Genesis Evangelion as part of its Thursday night lineup. What does this mean?

That’s a good question. Can a cable channel really be said to “air” a program when there’s no use of the spectrum to transmit data? Wouldn’t “cabling” be the more appropriate term? Or does that carry too much of a telegraph connotation? Never mind the fact that [adult swim] is not a cable channel but rather a programming block, which sort of throws the entire premise of this discussion out the window. Although this is really more of a monologue, as “discussion” implies two or more people are involved, whereas until I post this and get some comments it’s just me talking. Well, writing; this isn’t some crazy podcast.

Read on, as I might eventually return to the topic introduced in the original paragraph, and alluded to by the pun in the title!

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