Empirical proof that Halloween and improv definitely do mix.

The 28th was the last Friday before Halloween — widely regarded as the best holiday ever — so naturally we encouraged everyone at the Purdue Improv Club meeting to come in costume. If you were there, you would’ve seen:

How does one dress up as Wikipedia for Halloween, you ask? Print out the Wikipedia logo and pin it on a shirt. Then make up a few short articles and write them on the shirt. Don’t forget the changelog on the back! When you wear the costume, carry some markers with you so other people can add or edit entries.

After the meeting and workshop we headed over to Ashely’s apartment for a party, where much food and

Time Out


Time In

fun and singing was had. Singing? Oh yes. There was show tunes, and 80′s sitcom theme songs, and cartoon theme songs, and Christmas carols, and the Super Mario Bros. theme, and very few people had consumed significant amounts of alcohol.

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  1. That was a GREAT time! I’d honestly say the Wikipedia costume was the most creative there. And I’m not just saying that because, you know, this is your blog and all.

    Also, the pics I have from the event can be found here, for those who would like to judge for themselves.

  2. Flattery will get you everywhere, my boy.

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