Disaster of Loathing

There’s a lesson to be learned from the current Kingdom of Loathing downtime: you really don’t want to get “DROP TABLE” and “DROP DATABASE” confused. Especially when your last full backup was almost two months ago, the incremental backups have holes, and even that full backup wasn’t entirely “full.” Oops.

The Heretofore Loop

(Editor’s note: this one goes out to Benji, who thinks that programming is equivalent to stringing together a bunch of words like “if for else”.)

The heretofore loop is a programming language construct that was originally part of the C99 revision of the C programming language. It is the counterpart to the for loop, just as the do-while loop is the counterpart to the while loop.

Advocates of the heretofore loop argued that the alternate style of loop completed the looping features of the language and provided enhanced flexibility when writing code. Opponents countered that the do-while loop is rarely used in place of the while loop, so there was little reason to add another looping construct that could be expected to play a similarly negligible role.

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