My Big Fat Improv Update

It’s been far too long since I’ve talked about the current goings-on with the Ship of Fools, especially considering that we’ve had two more performances and some big things in the pipeline!

Back on Friday, October 14 we performed at Hillenbrand Hall, the swanky dorm on campus. We performed there once last year and the show was fantastic; this year’s version was no letdown. Some combination of the free food, homecoming weekend, and whatever fame we have conspired to give us a standing-room-only crowd in the rather spacious TV lounge. Aside from a few slip-ups with the MCing at various points during the show, the show went extremely well, and the audience had a great time.

Last Tuesday’s (October 18) show at Owen Hall, another dorm. That show was a lot smaller, with fewer than two dozen people in attendance. The audience seemed to enjoy it, but were awfully reticent when it came to giving suggestions, so on stage things felt a lot more difficult. Nevertheless, we managed to put on a decent show, but nothing particularly spectacular.

Ryan has some more thoughts on the shows, mixed in with all sorts of other stuff.

In other news, it looks as though the Ship of Fools has officially sold out: Bioanalytical Systems has hired us to perform at their corporate holiday dinner on December 10. That’s right, private audience, baby.

For those keeping score at home, there’s also two new pages up on the SoF website: the Show Planning FAQ for people looking to bring the Ship of Fools to them, as well as a logos page where high-resolution graphics can be obtained.

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  1. We haven’t sold out. We’re just performing a corporate gig!

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