Feast of the Hunter’s Moon

Sunday I went to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon with some friends (coincidentally the same ones I had watched Steamboy with the day before). I figured hey, it’s an almost free ticket (we were able to wrangle free passes for all but one of us, so we each chipped in for the last ticket), and I had never gotten around to going the other five years I’ve been here.

For those lucky enough not to be in Indiana, Feast of the Hunter’s Moon is an annual weekend event hosted by the Tippecanoe County Historical Association. It’s like a Ren Faire, but for 18th century Northwest Territory days.

Basically, a bunch of people set up booths at Fort Ouiatenon (Hawaii called, they want their vowels back) doing crafts or selling historical-ish souveniers or old-timey-type food. In theory, there are also demonstrations and performances put on throughout the day, but the off-and-on downpours put the kibosh on that. So, in between wandering about and seeing what was going on, we’d have to do like the settlers did and take shelter under a large tree or the ATM hut.

It wasn’t a complete loss, however, as not only did I get a fair amount of mud on my shoes, but I also increased the number of types of animal I’ve eaten by two. In your face, PETA! For the curious:

  • Buffalo (in tasty buffalo burger form)
  • Rabbit (in cliche-supporting rabbit stew form)

Now that I’ve eaten a varmint, I’m living up to my Midwest heritage!

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  1. we do not eat varmiant in the midwest, only the hillbillies do. Congrats to becoming one step coloser to being a hillbilly :P

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