PSUB Improv Night

The Ship of Fools will be performing with The Crazy Monkeys at the PSUB Improv Night this Friday, starting at 8:00 pm in the North Ballroom of the Purdue Memorial Union. Tickets are $3 for Purdue students and $5 otherwise.

As part of the advertising campaign for the show, PSUB gave each group fat stacks of handbills to pass out to people. I managed to pass out my share within the span of 10 minutes standing outside the EE building. The key is to pick the 10 minutes between classes, when everyone’s out walking around. A reasonably high-traffic area doesn’t hurt either.

Awesome Thing #1: More people who received handbills expressed delight at seeing that the Ship of Fools was performing than expressed delight at seeing that The Crazy Monkeys were performing.

Awesome Thing #2: One person who passed by doubled back and asked my why I hadn’t tried to force a handbill on her. I explained that she was talking on her cell phone, and I didn’t want to interrupt her. She was appreciative and took a handbill.

Weird Thing From Last Week #1: Benji and Ryan have already talked about the girl we encountered at Steak & Shake. I’ll just add that I left when the stomach-signing commenced, as that’s when things went from being good weird to weird weird.

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  1. “She was appreciative and took a handbill.”

    Wow.. I actually did a true lol. That’s freakin’ awesome.

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