Wily & Light’s RockBoard: That’s Paradise

It’s amazing what you can find if you look through one of those lists that purports to be of all NES games ever. Not only will you be reminded of games you used to love, and games you played once and found they were terrible, but you’ll also find a bunch of Japanese games that never made it to the United States. Some of them you might be aware of, and can be pretty good. There’s also plenty that you’ve never heard of, probably for good reason.

And then there’s some whose title takes you by surprise. Such as a game whose title translates to “Wily & Light’s RockBoard: That’s Paradise.” As in Dr. Wily and Dr. Light, you wonder? Could it be, a “new” (to you, at least) Mega Man game? But what does the rest of that title mean? And more importantly, where did I put that emulator?

Read on, and all most some will be revealed. With pictures. Lots of pictures.

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