A New Spammer Trick?

Wes pointed out an interesting spammer trick I haven’t seen before. Here’s a page hosted by a very disreputable-looking site (which may be NSFW, depending on how restrictive your W is) — deliberately not hyperlinked so as not to add to its PageRank:


Yes, yes, a bunch of trashy links. Scroll down to the bottom. Look familiar?

It looks as though the spammer screen-scraped the front page of this blog and pasted it at the bottom of his page. Is this a new spammer trick to make the page look more relevant to a search engine: shove actual legitimate content below the fold? It’s one I don’t think I’ve heard of before.

Even more curious is why this blog, in particular, was scraped. Pure random chance? Does it happen to PageRank highly for some search term the spammer wants to grab? Searching for the spam page’s title clearly doesn’t show this site in the running (surprise, surprise, since I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned Trigun until this very post). Some other reason?

I wonder if I have any possibe recourse against this use of my content. Looking at the human-readable summary of the Creative Commons license I’m using, my first reaction is “almost, but not quite” (though this sentence should not be construed as a statement of fact, as I have not studied the actual license text in close enough detail yet). Though I suppose the more relevant question is, even if I could contact the spammer, would he bother complying with a request to take down my content? Is it even worth trying?

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