Week in Review

Hmm. I’ve been at Purdue for a week. I guess I should say a few things about that, shouldn’t I?

Helpful Hint #1: If Benji ever offers to move your desk upstairs for you while you’re gone, you may want to reconsider.

My class schedule is slowly getting to the point of becoming official. I’m going to take an independent study in computer forensics, since the class itself is don’t-even-bother-with-the-waiting-list full. Thanks to Purdue’s ultra-modern paper-centric scheduling system, I couldn’t make the change — using the independent study to replace the networking class I wanted to take, but got cancelled — until I was physically on campus. There was some confusion about the course designator which has led to some delays, and there’s a whole other set of paperwork and signatures the School of Technology wants done to authorize the independent study despite being, I’m told, largely a formality. Hopefully all the red tape is worth it; Purdue’s supposed to have one of the best forensics programs around, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t take it while I’m still here.

Helpful Hint #2: If UPS tries to deliver a signature-requiring package on a Friday while you’re gone, and you call the number to arrange to pick it up from the distribution center yourself the next day, ask explicitly whether the distribution center will actually be open on Saturday. Apparently, asking “can I come pick up the package tomorrow”, in a context where tomorrow == Saturday, will elicit a “sure thing” from the grunt on the other line instead of a “we’re closed tomorrow, how about Monday?” Thanks, UPS!

After over a year away from the game, I’m once again plaing Kingdom of Loathing. This time, I’ve managed to drag a few of my fellow Fools in with me as well. Quite a bit has change since I last played; for example, it now looks like it’s actually possible to “win” the game, instead of simply reaching a point where there were no other quests to perform. If you play as well, keep an eye out for captderiv.

Helpful Hint #3: It’s not too late to be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Friday was the PSUB Activities Bonanza, an attempt to put a bunch of student organizations outside to try to attract new members. This year the Purdue Improv Club/Ship of Fools signed up for some stage time to do a demonstration of, well, what we do. We now have empirical evidence that this is not a good idea for an improv group, as you can’t really do anything when you replace an actual audience with passersby passing by. There should probably be a Helpful Hint in there somewhere.

Helpful Hint #4: Read the above paragraph.

Our first Friday meeting had a pretty good turnout, which is promising. Let’s see if we can keep them coming back. There’s an issue or two with how we’ve been running those meetings that needs improving, even though I’m not sure anyone else is entirely aware of it yet. I’ve got some thinking to do on that point.

4 Responses

  1. problems?

  2. Not enough love? Is it the love? You could always use more love.

  3. The problem I’m thinking of is the mad free-for-all when calling people up to do a game. I’m worried that seeing the near-bloodshed we get sometimes is off-putting for newcomers or anyone who isn’t super-aggressive about playing Chain Murder Mystery. Heck, it’d probably discourage me from participating if I were new.

    Next meeting I’ll try politely not to try and get into every game and let other people have turns, even if it’s your favorite game up next, etc. Of course, it being Labor Day weekend, we may not have the crowd where it’s actually a problem, but it’s still worth a trial run at least.

  4. And you thought it was a lack of love Wes. For shame. While we do lack some of the love due to your not being with us there is always, has always and will forever be love with the Purdue Improv Club

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