I made the mistake of trying to see how well Evolution works as an e-mail client. In particular, I had wanted to see if its calendar and to-do list support and such would make it a compelling alternative to good old Mutt.

I managed to get as far as importing around 200 MB worth of e-mail spread across a dozen Maildir directories. But while moving the imported mails around to organize them better, Evolution crashed. And then would crash whenever I’d try to run it again, before anything even shows up on screen. And even better, since Evolution relies on a bunch of binary-formatted index files (or whatever those files are), there’s no way to figure out what data got corrupted and is causing the crash, let alone fix it manually.

So it only took one hour to go from brand new to completely non-operational. Not exactly the sort of reliability I want to see in an e-mail client. Needless to say, I restored my mail from a backup copy and went right back to good old reliable Mutt.

Even still, Evolution’s a far better idea than that Intelligent Design nonsense.