Magic Plunger

Yesterday the toilet in my bathroom got clogged. Standard practice for me when I suspect this has happened is to try flushing the toilet to see if that’ll force it loose or not. I’ve found that there’s always enough room in the bowl to prevent overflow as long as you only try this trick once.

Anyway, it didn’t work, so I went to the other bathroom to get the apartment’s plunger. But as I approached the clogged toilet with plunger in hand, the toilet suddenly become unclogged and all the water rushed down the pipe.

Clearly the plunger is magical. It doesn’t even need to come into contact with the toilet to work. Naturally, I returned it to its original resting place. You don’t want to mess around with that kind of power.

4 Responses

  1. You must bring that magical plunger with you! Think of all the glory that can be had with it! Think about it!!!!!1!

  2. Are you crazy? Take a magical artifact capable of releasing the fluids stored in a container on a mid-cross-country trip? No thanks, I’d like to keep the gas in the tank as long as possible. (It’s $2.50 a gallon out here, for crying out loud!)

  3. I’m with Benji on this one. Mail the plunger, or hold it out the window, or whatever. Such a powerful item shouldn’t be kept locked up. Think about it! We could run through the chemistry labs at IU and completely cause chaos!

  4. My loosely related story to plungers:

    Back when I lived with Jeff Vitale in a dinky budget apartment in University City, MO in 2003, he clogged up our toilet. That happens when one uses too much TP (Paul, ahem, take note). At any rate, we had no plunger. It was a beautiful fall Sunday and I had nothing better to do- so I volunteered to go with him to the grocery store to get one.

    While at the grocery store, Jeff realized he was out of ground beef. Ever the frugal one, he sought out the largest package (labeled “family size”) of ground beef they sold. “Save the money now by buying in massive bulk quantities”, he thought. We find the plunger in the utilities isle and go to the checkouts. Two grown men thus wait in line, with a plunger and a huge quantity of ground beef between them. Lord knows what the cashier was thinking when she rang up the sale.

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