Over-Analyzing FLCL

I stumbled across the web site Over-Analyzing FLCL last night when I probably should’ve been sleeping. As its name suggests, it’s an attempt to explain just about everything going on in FLCL (also known as the best thing ever). A herculean task, to be sure, but handy for discovering things you missed your first time watching it. Or second time. Or tenth.

Yes, I’m a fanboy. Couldn’t you tell from the category this post is in?

3 Responses

  1. oi *rolls eyes*

    First off, that was one of the most disturbing, pointless, and idiotic Strong Bad e-mails I’ve ever seen. Secondly, you and your category name. Enough said.

  2. I concede, “best thing” is a fairly weak e-mail, but it seemed the only appropriate one to link based on title. Aside, I suppose, from the obvious japanese cartoon.

  3. And as an addendum to the original post, Sexual Metaphor in FLCL deals well, um, exactly what its title suggests. (I found it from the Wikipedia’s FLCL page.) It’s worth pointing out that that site goes on for many pages and still misses some themes — for example, gender role reversal isn’t discussed nearly as much as it could/should be. Of course, that’s not because of any major shortcoming in the aforelinked site, but the sheer preponderance of sexual imagery in the series.

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