Penny Arcade: Ripped from Page A13

Penny Arcade is hardly known for being the most literal, true-to-life comic out there. So it’s a bit surprising when I read today’s comic, for I have witnessed exactly such an event unfold.

It was a few years ago, and I was in Stewart Center with a few of the other improv guys, when one of them found a cake. A chocolate cake, in fact. They found it sitting atop a trash can. Not in the trash, mind you — there was a nontrivial amount of discussion on this point — but on top of the lid, on one of the models where there are flaps on the sides of the lid for putting the trash into. It was even still on its tray and under its lid, as though it had just come from the store (modulo having had more than half of the cake sliced away), so it wasn’t being exposed to the elements. The cake had clearly been purchased by somebody, partially eaten, thoughtfully re-packaged, and then discarded.

There was no cake party, but the cake did get eaten by its discoverer.

So yes, Virginia, it is possible to find cake.

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  1. Much like your rent a car fiasco, this too was the subject of an episode of Seinfeld. Paul, you sir, are an anomaly. Not once but twice has your life shown that life can imitate art. Good show!

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