A day late and a Dollar short

Dollar Rent A Car (of stiffing me out of the money they owed me fame) left me a voice mail today, apologizing profusely for that little stunt they pulled. They claim they honestly thought I would appreciate a $25 coupon for a service I have no intention of ever using again more than the $7 and change that, you know, they promised me to make up for screwing me over in Louisville.

They also said they’ll send me a check for the money they had promised, in addition to counter-returning the coupon I had returned. Amazingly, they say the coupon will probably reach me before the check does. I’m not sure how that works exactly, since I’m pretty sure both would fit in the same envelope. I also don’t see why this is going to take two weeks, especially given how a package I ordered from Amazon Monday managed to get here on on Thursday, and that was even with the freebie shipping.