Cyber Corps Symposium Day 2: This Time, It’s Not Day 1

Well, what do you know, it’s the first full day of events! And I do mean full.

The big thing today was the start of the job fair that is really the main point of the symposium in the first place — to help get the students in the program jobs. Given that I should be pretty much set on that front (at least in the sense that I’ve got the ins I need already) and that the room where the fair was being held was absolutely packed for most of the session, I stayed away until near the end. After all, I didn’t want to tie up recruiters’ time and keep people who are actually and possibly desperately looking for positions waiting. So after things had laregely cleared out I went and talked with a couple recruiters.

Held concurrentlty with the fair was the poster session, wherein students have posters about whatever research is being done by their universities. So I took in most of those during that time.

Also, the hotel where this part of the conference is being held has an open wifi access point, so I was finally able to download my mail for the first time since Saturday. I don’t feel quite as cut off from everything now. Stupid dorm network blocking almost all ports.

Speaking of posters, ours should hopefully be taken care of now. There had been some confusion on that front between Purdue and Syracuse. The university had asked if we could have larger (read: freakin’ huge) posters instead of the standard Syracuse size, and got the OK on that. But there was miscommunication on whether or not they’d make the materials needed for mounting the posters — which we printed off beforehand and brought with us — on foamboard available. Fortunately there’s a copy center near where the symposium is being held who can do it in time for tomorrow’s session. And even better, Syracuse offered to foot the bill for it.

Tonight was “probability night,” which is code for “gambling night.” It first presented itself as the decorative decor of the “auditorium” (which isn’t really designed like you’d think given its name). I observed that the pattern on the tablecloths was incorrect: the dice drawn on it were shown as having their 4 and 3 faces adjacent, whereas on a standard die (well, a d6, but pointing out that distinction is very dorky) they are on opposite sides. There were also a few prestidigitators moving about doing card tricks. I bet if I were someone cool like Benji I’d be able to pick out whatever misdirection he was employing.

Afterwards they had a bunch of mock gambling tables set up: blackjack, craps, Texas Hold Em, and the like. I managed to stay about even on blackjack for a while, but then my luck took a turn for the worse and I lost everything. Likewise with craps and poker, except for the period of doing well. But since it’s not real money, it’s not like it matters or anything. There were also copious snacks on hand, even though we had just had a fancy-type dinner just two hours beforehand, plus the breakfast and lunch they had served. You can’t argue with lots of free food on hand.

Also, there were goofy hats. I don’t know why. But they were there to be had.

Tomorrow will be today’s doppelganger. You’ll see what I mean tomorrow-like.

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  1. Paul this time around your post has caused me to ponder various questions
    1. Do you proof read? Because if you did you would know that you cannot say,”someone cool like Benji” when refferring to performing magic. No magicians are cool. That’s why we are magicians.
    2. Did you employ any strategy with the blackjack. Granted it’s mostly luck anyway I am just curious with a mathematical mind like yours if you tried counting cards. That’s the closest thing I can do that resembles math. Yay cheating!
    3. Why is it that the first post in this series is under rants and education while the other posts are strictly education? I guess you dont really have to answer that . . . I’m just curious

  2. 1. On these, no. And for the record, I was using the term “cool” ironically. Remember our hierarchy.

    2. I use the the standard basic strategy: on dealer 2 or 3, hit on 12 and under; on dealer 4 through 6, hit on 11 and under; on dealer 7 through A, hit on 16 and under. I vaguely know *how* to count cards, but I haven’t even tried to practice it in a long time and thus wouldn’t be able to pull it off in any game. I just hit a run of really awful cards. Strategy or no, getting dealt a 16 when the dealer shows 7, you’re screwed.

    3. Day 0 was a lot more rantish than the others, so it went under Rants. I’m required to attend the conference because of the scholarship program I’m in, thus Education.

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