Cyber Corps Symposium Day 1: Sky Chief and the World of Two Hours Ago

Today was the first official day of the symposium, which makes yesterday Day 0. Can you feel the excitement?

The day started off with a well-stocked breakfast buffet, which was followed a few hours later by the welcome luncheon that officially started the symposium. Say what you will about the symposium, at least they’re making sure we’re well-fed.

After that was the resume workshop, which involved a few presenters talking about what hiring managers are typically looking for in a resume. There wasn’t much there that was too surprising (you mean cover letters are largely worthless? color me not surprised), and besides, I’m largely happy with how my resume is currently, but I guess it’s good information for the new people coming into the program.

Late in the afternoon they bussed us out to whatever stadium the Sky Chiefs, the local minor league baseball team, plays, and had a picnic dinner. We had the option of staying for the game, but given how hot and humid it is up here (completely atypical weather, they keep telling us), it’s not too surprising that most people opted to head back to campus afterwards. Maybe if the weather were less oppressive, or if I was a bigger fan of baseball, I would’ve stayed, but meh.

On the bus ride back we encountered the fourth member of the Purdue delegation. So now we’re only outnumbered by the Tulsa group by a factor of 1500.

We’ve been trying to prepare for Tuesday’s poster session. We have the posters printed out — from what I’ve seen of them, mine seems to have come out passably — but we still need to mount them on a proper board. Unfortunately, there seems to have been some miscommunication on size or something, because the boards they have available are significantly smaller than the posters we brought. The current plan is to head over to the local copy center sometime tomorrow and get them mounted. Plan B is to make the new guys hold them while we veterans do the talking.

That’s about it. Monday and Tuesday are the meat of the conference, but until then, I’ve got no plans aside from watching Family Guy tonight.

3 Responses

  1. Plan B is to make the new guys hold them while we veterans do the talking.
    I’ll suggest you do Plan B before Plan A. You know, just for a little fun :)

  2. Paul;
    Your tales of gov’t travel brought tears to my eyes. I laughed so hard I got a stomach ache. I would pity you but, eh, they’re paying you enough.

    You better not sell my “required” email address, you bum.

  3. Amy: Alas, it already looks like Plan A is well underway.

    Mark: The e-mail address is only used to check against the spam blacklist. Yes, some comment spammers are dumb enough not to generate a random one each time. Besides, it’s not like I don’t know your e-mail address already anyway.

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