Cyber Corps Symposium Day 0: Blast from the Past


Who here wants to read daily posts about my trip to this year’s Cyber Corps Symposium? Too bad, you’re doing it anyway.

[Editor's note: changed day from 1 to 0 to better fit the symposium's schedule]


11:08 am EDT

I’m sitting at BWI waiting for my flight up to Syracuse. There don’t seem to be any access points at all around here, so into vim this goes until whenever I post this.

There’s a nice thunderstorm going on right now, which may not bode well for my flight. One plane recently arrived at a gate here, but they can’t so much as let the passengers off until the storm passed. My flight’s not scheduled to leave for another hour, so we’ll see if this screws me up at all or not. Luckily, there isn’t much to speak of going on at Syracuse today besides check-in, so even being delayed several hours won’t be too big a deal.

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