An Open Letter to Dollar Rent A Car

Paul Kuliniewicz
[address removed]

July 11, 2005

Dollar Rent A Car
ATTN: Sarah McClure
5330 E. 31st Street
P.O. Box 33167
Tulsa, OK 74153-1167

Ref # [removed]

Ms. McClure:

Recently I had the pleasure of attempting to do business with Dollar Rent A Car. It had been my intention to rent a midsize vehicle from June 3 to June 5 of this year from your facility at the Louisville, KY airport. As it turned out, despite having made a reservation several weeks in advance, the rental agent failed to have any vehicles available. The two people behind me in line met similar fates.

The rental agent was eventually able to refer me to one of your competitors for a rental car. Although I had irretrievably lost 45 minutes of my time dealing with the problem — hardly welcome when it was already late at night, my flight had been delayed by over an hour, and I still had an hour of driving ahead of me — I was at least reassured that Dollar Rent A Car would reimburse me for the difference in the cost of the rental, fuel excluded, offered by your competitor.

Alas, Dollar Rent A Car is now 0 for 2 when it comes to holding up its commitments. In today’s mail, I received a form letter informing me that you consider $7.30 too small an amount to bother reimbursing me for, despite the promise made by your rental agent. Instead, I am offered a $25 discount on my next rental.

My question to you is, after your company failed to honor my reservation and then failed to honor its promise to reimburse me for the additional cost of your competitor, why should I expect Dollar Rent A Car to perform acceptably in the future? How can I trust Dollar Rent A Car not to once again leave me stranded in an unfamiliar city next time I travel? I can only conclude that you value your customers at less than $7.30, for why else would you be willing to lose a customer over such a paltry sum of money?

Rest assured, I will be sure to avoid doing business with Dollar Rent A Car in the future, and will encourage everyone I know looking to rent a vehicle to do likewise. I have enclosed the $25 discount coupon I received, as I will not be needing it.

Thanks for everything,

Paul Kuliniewicz

encl: $25 discount coupon

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  1. Owned. Consider Dollar Rent a Car boycotted. Please don’t get me hooked on another webcomic for a while, I’ll need some significant downtime after finishing the other HALF of this massive SM archive.

  2. WAY TO GO BIG BROTHER! That was a very well worded letter and I’ll make sure never to use them :)

  3. Amy, I don’t think you were really planning on renting any cars anytime soon. <g>

    And for the record, the SM above refers to Schlock Mercenary, not something, um, more incriminating.

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