Things I learned from watching Fantastic Four

  • Gravity in space is equal to gravity on Earth.
  • A temperature of 4000 K will ignite the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • It doesn’t matter if you heroically save a team of firefighters from certain death right before their eyes; New York police will still try to shoot you.
  • Exposure to cosmic rays gives you superpowers.
  • Exposure to cosmic rays also gives the clothes you’re wearing the same superpowers you get.
  • You can reverse the cosmic rays to undo the mutation and return you to normal.
  • You can re-expose yourself to cosmic rays to undo undoing the mutation and give yourself the exact same superpowers you previously had, even though exposure to cosmic rays gave other people different superpowers.
  • People who get invisibility as a superpower also get a real superpower, because invisibility by itself is pretty lame.
  • That bonus superpower really doesn’t have anything to do with invisibility.
  • Nations typically reward humanitarians by giving them an evil metallic psycho mask.
  • Four words: reverse the polarity flow.

Quote of the Week #48

Most people’s C programs should be indented six feet downward and covered with dirt.

– Blair P. Houghton

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