Batman Begins

Well, what do you know, the new Batman movie is actually pretty good. It’s not just a good Batman movie (which, given what I’ve seen of the more recent ones, isn’t saying much), but a good action movie, which just happens to have Batman in it.

Interestingly, I enjoyed the story more than the action sequences themselves. A lot of the fight scenes were jumpy and hard to follow; you could tell that people were fighting each other, but not much more than that. Thankfully, the action — and there is action, don’t get me wrong — doesn’t domainate over the story. We get to see how Bruce Wayne goes from struggling to figure out how to cope with his parents’ death to fighting crime in Gotham City as Batman. We see Bruce forced to deal with the same issues that led him to adopt his superhero identity when he confronts Scarecrow’s plan to… well, if you want to find out what happens, go see the movie.

One of the things I didn’t like about the movie was Rachel, Bruce’s love interest. Her character is neither interesting nor believable; she’s mostly just there, rather than doing much to advance the plot or have any interesting dialogue or whatnot. Fortunately, her appearances aren’t enough to derail things, but she’s not exactly contributing anything either.

There was one thing in the movie that broke suspension of disbelief for me, however. [begin spoiler]The superweapon used by the villains was a powerful omnidirectional microwave emitter, intended to vaporize nearby water. Yet, people apparently had no problem standing right next to the device while it’s operational, even though by all rights every cell in their bodies should’ve been exploding from the pressure. A neat idea for distributing an airborne toxin, but the emitter is just too glaringly impossible in a movie where otherwise things are at least reasonably plausible.[end spoiler]

But things like that aren’t enough to stop this movie. See it.

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  1. Plot problems aside, I absolutely loved Batman Begins. I’ve never seen any of the others, but it was really good!

  2. I was very impressed by the movie. I knew it was a different caliber of Batman. Much less cartoony and much betterly crafted. A good story-line and plot always adds a little to a movie. I thought the fight scenes were great BECAUSE of their confusingness… I think it accentuated how the “bad guys” felt when some ninja-trained bat-type thing is coming from every which direction and attacking you. You really get the point that it is hard to fight the Batman because you’re knocked out before you can even figure out what’s going on.

    On a side note, my fellow coworkers and I think the “Batman” voice compared to the Bruce Wayne voice is quite humorous and always use the deep, disturbing, and drawn out “Whhhyyyyy >:(!” when the situation permits.

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