It appears I’ve forgotten the password for my cell phone’s voice mail. And for once, there’s actually a message sitting in it. Oops.

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  1. I know that on Sprint’s website you can change your voicemail password (without knowing what it used to be). Maybe your provider is similar?

  2. You could also try calling your provider and ask them to change the voicemail password.

  3. I managed to wade through the Verizon Wireless website to do it. I first had to set up a web account for the wireless account, which was a bit of a pain — since all of my family’s phones are under a single account, I needed to lookup the super s3kr1t credentials (i.e., SSN) to do so.

    But now I have dominion over all my family’s cell phones. I’ll try not to use this power for evil.

  4. Ah, Verizon, putting the customer account management experience first as usual.

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