Live from Zanesville!

Sitting in a motel room on the outskirts of Zanesville, OH, at which location I am geographically almost halfway done with my migration to the east coast for my internship this summer.

(Note that the above is not a run-on sentence, because it is not in fact a sentence.)

This week a cunning Double Move is being executed.

Wednesday: Pack up my stuff.

Thursday: Move aforementioned stuff into the apartment I’ll be living in starting in the fall. Benji, one of my future roommates on campus, didn’t mind me doing so (with much help from Ashley and her truck) , thus allowing me to completely vacate my then-current apartment. Sleep there too, since, you know, things like my bed are no longer in the then-current apartment.

Friday: Start heading east, with a subset of the materials moved Thursday. Since the place I’ll be at for the summer is fully furnished, I could use my packing skills to squeeze everything I needed into my car. And since the trip would take at minimum 11 hours, not counting things like pit stops or eating, it would require getting up way too early or arriving way too late for my tastes. Thus, drive from campus to Zanesville, OH and spend the night there. This post is brought to you courtesy of the motel’s access point.

Saturday: Continue eastward, move into the housing that’s been reserved for us interns, and meet the roommates.

Sunday and Monday: ???

Tuesday: Profit! Start work.

7 Responses

  1. Sunday and Monday: Plan on when your sister should come visit you and/or buy postcards to send her :)

    You know you want to. And if we come visit you, then we’d probably go to New York and then I would be able to have my play date with Kim (don’t ask, you probably wouldn’t understand).

  2. Next Friday: Receive first paycheck. Send all monies to Wes Allen, best person I’ve ever met… and then fly out to his wedding.

  3. Dag… I must’ve forgotten my </b>

  4. How did you get a hold of my day planner?

  5. Paul’s Day Planner-
    Thursday: Purchase feeble cable access show. And exploit it.

  6. Friday: Talk to mayor to plan parade for Benji

  7. Saturday:
    Go over the Halting Problem with T. Rex again. He just doesn’t seem to get it.

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