The Forget-About-It Pile

If you’re like me, your place of residence has a forget-about-it pile somewhere. The forget-about-it pile is usually reserved for things that aren’t important enough to act on immediately or take deliberate action to save, but at the same time have an outside chance of being useful or important at some time in the future, so you can’t just throw it away. So, you put it on the pile and promply forget about it.

Moving between apartments at an average rate of twice a year doesn’t eliminate the existence of the forget-about-it pile. It does, however, force you to go through it at each move to decide what needs to come along and what can be left behind (or, more properly, left out at the curb). Going though the pile, you usually find that your original suspicion that any particular item isn’t really going to be important is accurate about 95% of the time.

That other 5% could, I don’t know, turn out to be a new debit card to replace your old one. That expired. Nine months ago. Without you realizing it.


Shows how much I use it. Which isn’t surprising, since I can’t remember its PIN for the life of me anyway.

3 Responses

  1. We have a shopping cart in the house that works well for forget-about-it piles. So if you want to transfer forget-about-itpiles then the shopping cart has plenty of space. The shopping cart also holds shoes but that is not really important

  2. A communal forget-about-it pile, eh? Interesting. My current pile has already been decimated, but I’m sure it won’t take long to build up a new one.

    Do I want to ask why there’s a shopping cart in the apartment? (Why there are shoes in it is, of course, obvious.)

  3. The pile is a good spot for mysterious buttons, unpaired socks, and misc. cardboard that you know is going to be useful at some point. For something.

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