austin 0.1.0 Released

austin is a little program that calculates the winning probabilities of Texas Hold ‘Em hands. It accomplishes this by simulating a large number of games among the desired number of players and analyzing the results. Finally, a use for Bayes’ theorem that doesn’t involve spam filtering!

austin was inspired by a conversation a friend and I had last weekend about, well, a program to do this sort of thing. It also gave me an excuse to try out some of the features added to Java 1.5 (or Java 5, or whatever Sun’s marketing team is calling it).

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Quote of the Week #41

Sullen? Sullenness is a sin? The sort of sin that dooms you to spend eternity in a slime-pit? Now I’m worried. How about crankiness? Poutiness? Irascibility? My God, what if irony is a sin? Yeah, I’d certainly be overjoyed to find that out.

– Lore Sjöberg

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