Car Rentals Suck

I always figured I was a pretty good driver, what with not having been involved in any accidents or getting any tickets ever since I started driving seven or so years ago. But apparently I’ve been lying to myself all this time. Or at least, that’s what every single car rental company tells me, since each of them assures me that skilled drivers under 25 don’t exist, and sees fit to penalize me $15/day, or $25/day, or get lost for the privilege of doing business with them.

It turns out that the main factor in deciding whom to rent from is how badly each one wants to screw me over for not having reached that magical cronological threshold.

2 Responses

  1. I found the same issue when I tried to find a rental car for our honeymoon in Florida. The way I got around it was that since I am Raytheon Employee, I got the Raytheon discount (seen at with National Car Rental and they waived the under $25 fee. You might have similar success if you’re officially on the books with your future employer.

    Don’t be afraid to try and negotiate with the car rental people. When we got there, I casually mentioned that we were on our honeymoon and asked if we could get a free upgrade. To my surprise, they said “sure.” Then, when we went out to that car and saw that it had an expired license plate, we went in and told them about it and they upgraded us again.

  2. The tricky thing for me here is that since I don’t start working until next week, I don’t yet have any credentials for doing that sort of thing. I might be able to get discounts somewhere, but I don’t yet know how I’d find out. I could try parlaying my AAA membership, I suppose.

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