update-rss 0.3 Released

The latest version of update-rss, my quick-and-dirty feed aggregator, is out. It’s a Perl script that generates a static HTML page with links to each entry in your favorite RSS and Atom syndication feeds.

What’s new in version 0.3. The most obvious change is the addition of Atom support, so now you can keep track of blogs that don’t offer RSS feeds. (I’m looking at you, Blogger.) This also means that the name update-rss is somewhat of a misnomer, but oh well.

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It’s Over!

Both finals for this semester got taken care of yesterday. In the morning was Crypto, which wasn’t too hard, though I wasn’t quite able to finish the entire thing in two hours.

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Like New! Slightly Confiscated!

Ever wonder what they do with all those “dangerous” items they confiscate at airport security checkpoints?

Also note how they’ll only ship within the US.

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