Project Projections

The Crypto project, she is finished. And with a top grade, nonetheless. It’s almost always good when you go more in depth than the professor expects.

Fun fact: in the not-too-distant past, group member Dave was asked by one of the other students in the class if we had started the project yet. Started. At a time when we were revising the final report for our semester’s work. Yet, I can’t honestly say I’m surprised there’d be people who’d wait until the penultimate week or so even for a big project.

Fun fact: penultimate is a fun word and should be used whenever possible.

The Programming Languages project is essentially done, aside from typing up a README and turning it in. A realization this afternoon led to simultaneously shrinking the amount of code and improving the correctness. Then there’s the Access Controls project, where all the code I care to write for it is written and all that’s left is writing the report (much of which can be cribbed from the proposal and/or presentation).

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