Miami! Oh!

The second Ship of Fools road trip in two weeks!

Friday night the Fools performed at ImprovFest 2005, hosted by Miami University’s Tower Players. Two nights of improv-centric comedy, with the other improv performances by the Tower Players themselves (who, being a larger group than us Fools, could have no less than three member-disjoint shows) and some of their group’s alums.

The Fools performed in the second half of Friday’s first show. We had been expecting a short intermission before we went on, but, well, there wasn’t. Luckily, I was sufficiently prepared (by which I mean, I had a copy of our set on me) to make sure the Show Must Go On. The minor snafu there wasn’t a harbinger of things to come, though. In fact, our lead-off game, a Two Person Story with Ryan and me, was absolutely stunning. We told the story of Top Stalin, wherein Russian scientists took a ruthless dictator and, through injections directly into his skull, made him even more ruthless, until he ruled with an Iron Fist Of Curtains. (The moral: needles are pointy.) The vast majority of our set also went quite well, and the Story Story Die that finished it up was also in rare form. That’s exactly how you want the beginning and the end to go.

The two nights weren’t only improv, however. Kicking off the second Friday show was a performance by the Andy Ober Orchestra, self-described as “like Weird Al without that bothersome fame.” You’ve got to love a parody band that will not only sing about quasars and an entire song about π, but also perform a cover of the other song Vanilla Ice is remembered for, Ninja Rap.

Lodging for Friday night was graciously provided by Tower Player and Ryan’s sister, Erica. About half our group left before Saturday’s show for various reasons, and the three of us who stuck around drove back late Saturday night. Fortunately the drive back didn’t involve being stuck in a largely unexplained traffic jam on I-70 for over an hour which resulted in us arriving in Oxford less than half an hour before the first show.

Some other random things that came about as a result of the trip:

  • We’re stealing one of the Tower Players’ games for our next show on Tuesday night.
  • Crazy Utahraptor.
  • We may need to compile a list of all the movies, TV shows, comics, Flash cartoons, etc. we keep quoting whenever talking to each other, which will also double as a list of stuff that’s awesome.
  • A new way to say “I’m very hungry”: “I’m Schiavo hungry.”
  • The new SI unit for measuring favors (as in, how large of a favor you owe someone) is the Don. 1 Don equals one-thousandth the size of the favor you would owe somebody who murdered the head of a mafia family for you (which would, of course, be a kilodon).
  • If the above doesn’t make much sense, try reading it aloud.
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